The only podcast hyperfocused on parcel shipping

As the pandemic surges on and our lives become more and more digitized, ProShip is proud to announce the launch of ProShip ParcelCast, the only podcast hyperfocused on parcel shipping for supply chain and IT professionals in the e-commerce, manufacturing, third-party logistics and healthcare industries.

Each month, our parcel shipping experts will discuss topics on supply chain trends, carrier compliance, delivery speed, technological advancements and more, and will invite numerous technology partners, national and regional carriers, and ProShip customers to join as guests in our discussions.

To kick things off, we recently recorded and released our first episode in which ProShip Co-Founder, Justin Cramer, and lead Senior Sales Engineer, Clint Boaz, chat about the upcoming peak season. Have a listen below.

About Episode 1: This year we have all grasped for the elusive crystal ball that will give us 20/20 vision for what lies ahead. 2020 has already presented e-tailers with unusual challenges and opportunities, with uncertainty being one of the few certain aspects of the business environment.

As this unprecedented year has progressed, the peak holiday shipping season has loomed on the horizon. Peak 2020 will be upon us in several short weeks. The bad news? The challenges facing shippers this peak are substantial. The good news? Those challenges are starting to shape up a bit more to give shippers some time to prepare. Crystal ball aside, recent industry headlines concerning the major carriers have shed light on some of the obstacles in the road ahead. In our first episode, we will discuss the similarities to peak season 2013, go over the top peak 2020 issues and challenges and wrap up with some 2021 planning tips.

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