Listen in for a parcel market overview and find out more about the Better Trucks solution

In this month’s ParcelCast episode, ProShip brought together two parcel shipping experts to identify and discuss important factors that help build a successful parcel carrier and the factors that differentiate leading carriers from others in the shipping industry.

About This ProShip ParcelCast Episode

Listeners this month will hear from Proship’s Alliance Manager and host, Jerri Dixon, as she is joined by Justin Cramer, Co-Founder at ProShip, and Josh Fredman, Senior VP at Better Trucks. These three shipping professionals kick off the discussion with a high-level look at the current parcel shipping landscape – highlighting key issues like capacity, funding, and market risk.

After the pandemic helped shippers realize the importance of a diversified carrier mix, the next step for mature shippers is a rationalized carrier mix. Listeners will hear from Justin and Josh about the differentiators that set apart elite carriers. Diving into funding and debt, Justin and Josh discuss how these factors can impact flexibility and decision-making when it comes to adverse situations and the role it can play in your carrier choices. They continue with the concept of dynamic pricing and the technology required to implement and succeed in finding better savings for both the company and its customers. Finally, the episode wraps up with a discussion on the rise of sustainability and how consumers are making more conscious choices – hint: that extends to parcel carriers. Learn about what Better Trucks has in the works!

Listen to ParcelCast Episode 26 with Better Trucks

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