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[Episode 19] The Annual Tech Talk


Supply chain technology advancements continue to be a strategic focus for many brands looking to thrive in an uncertain post-pandemic ecosystem. In a recent Gartner survey, over 60% of respondents say technology is a source of competitive advantage for them. So what kind of IT trends and topics should shippers pay attention to for the upcoming peak season?

This month’s ParcelCast episode brings together several IT experts from ProShip including Justin Cramer, Jeff Lukaszewski, Clint Boaz, and Cody Remmel. These knowledgeable techies cover topics like…

- Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment [Learn More about CI/CD]

- Separation of Concerns

- Auth0 and OAuth

- Business Rule Management [What you should know about Complex Business Rules]

- On-premise vs Cloud

The experts also address the age-old question – tabs or spaces? Listen in to find out their thoughts!