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[Episode 20] All Things Amazon & the Tech Changes That Matter

Amazon, the e-commerce behemoth, delivered more than 5 billion packages in the United States last year and is beefing up its infrastructure to be able to tackle whatever they determine will be their next step. Let’s crunch some numbers – as of January of this year, Amazon now operates 305 large fulfillment centers around the U.S., which average 800,000 square feet of storage space. They also operate over 70,000 delivery vehicles in their growing fleet. So, what do these numbers tell us? Hint: this blog post.

This month’s ParcelCastepisode brings together ProShip’s own IT and resident Amazon experts: Justin Cramer and Dan Scott, hosted by Alliance Manager, Jerri Dixon. These 3 break down Amazon’s evolving shipping and logistics tech landscape including, the software stack, fulfillment methods and selling programs. As a bonus – they touch on what we can expect from Amazon as a carrier. Listen now to find out their thoughts!