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[Parcel Shipping] Maergo and ProShip: Even Better Together

Learn more about the new Maergo integration for the ProShip platform.

True Blue | Why Your Parcel Carrier Mix Should Include the USPS

Learn what changes the United States Postal Service has implemented with their Merchant Rate Card.

Exposing the Enterprise “Install in Days” Shipping Software Myth

Hear from ProShip’s Co-founder, and learn why you should be questioning the validity of the shipping software “Install in Days” guarantee.

[2023 US Vendor Awards] ProShip Up for Best Fulfillment Advancement at NRF 2023

Voting now open! Cast your vote for ProShip to win the Best Fulfillment Advancement award.

A Broken Record? The 2023 General Rate Increases

ProShip shares tips for dealing with the 2023 GRIs and a playlist to help you remember what to do.

[Expert Exchange] Look Before You Leap

Learn how rating shipments upstream can improve your parcel shipping operations.