Discover how multi-carrier shipping software improves order confirmation, processing, label generation, and carrier selection for a positive post-purchase experience

Knock, knock.

“Who’s there?”


“Olive who?”

Olive your packages are on their way – and it’s about to get interesting!

The thrill of hitting the “Buy Now” button is a defining moment for online shoppers. However, what follows – the post-purchase experience – can make or break customer satisfaction. It’s a process that focuses not on shipping costs but follows the journey from the digital cart to the customer’s doorstep, and each step along the way can either enhance your brand’s reputation or leave customers longing for a better customer experience (CX).

In this blog, we’re diving into the details of the post-purchase experience, a critical chapter in e-commerce and logistics. From order confirmation emails to package tracking and delivery, this phase shapes the customer’s perception of your brand to not only stimulate loyalty and customer retention but initiate organic customer growth. The bonus that takes this experience to the next level? Multi-carrier shipping software (MCSS).

This shipping solution serves as the trade secret that top brands leverage to enrich their post-purchase journey. Multi-carrier shipping solutions transform this process into a seamless, efficient, and enjoyable experience, laying the foundation for optimal customer satisfaction.

Ready for a parcel shipping transformation that’s both streamlined and exceeds expectations? Let’s look at the details.

Order Confirmation and Processing

Now that a customer has taken that first step, what comes next in the post-purchase experience is crucial. This phase, encompassing order confirmation and processing, sets the tone for the entire customer journey. However, shippers often encounter challenges that can impact customer experience at this early stage. Read on to look closer at these challenges, understand customer expectations, and explore how multi-carrier shipping software helps overcome these hurdles, ensuring a seamless and delightful experience.

Slow and Manual Order Processing

Order confirmation and processing are pivotal, but manually managing this stage can be labor-intensive and time-consuming. Shippers often grapple with the challenge of quickly and accurately confirming orders, leading to delays and potential errors. Without a quality multi-carrier shipping system, shippers may lack the omnichannel visibility needed to determine the best origin for sourcing inventory and shipping. This can result in missed opportunities for quicker and more cost-effective delivery windows. Customers expect instant order confirmation and processing. In the era of real-time communication, they anticipate fast responses that validate their purchase and reassure them about the reliability of the transaction.

Inefficient Handling of Order Modifications

Order changes, whether initiated by customers or by unforeseen circumstances, can be tricky to handle manually. Inefficiencies in modifying orders contribute to customer dissatisfaction. Customers expect a seamless process for modifying orders. Whether it’s updating shipping details or adding items, they anticipate a hassle-free experience without compromising on speed.

Manual Documentation and Compliance Challenges

Manual generation of shipping labels, documentation, and ensuring compliance with a variety of carrier requirements can be susceptible to errors and delays, especially for international shipping. This manual aspect of order confirmation and processing poses a significant challenge. Both carrier and customers expect accurate documentation and adherence to shipping compliance standards.

Can you imagine how upset a customer would be if they had to pay a fee because you didn’t file the paperwork correctly for an international shipment? They want their orders to be processed seamlessly without any hiccups related to shipping labels or compliance issues.

How Multi-Carrier Shipping Software Solves Order Confirmation and Processing Challenges

A multi-carrier shipping system, with a seamless integration to your Order Management System (OMS), is the game-changer for order processing efficiency and productivity. With visibility to all inventory sources, multi-carrier shipping software doesn’t just meet but exceeds processing timelines – a necessity for those following omnichannel fulfillment strategies.

The differentiator for parcel shipping software vendors lies in transactional speed – as elite vendors can ensure shipments power through with sub-second precision. With these advanced solutions, orders are promptly and accurately confirmed, aligning perfectly with customer expectations for real-time responsiveness. [Learn more about how OMS & a multi-carrier shipping solution work together]

When it comes to bad quality address data, implementing a multi-carrier shipping platform, as a solid and trustworthy technology investment, will significantly ease delivery and CX pains and generate a quick return on investment. Instead of relying on carrier databases for correct addresses, trust in multi-carrier shipping software to validate addresses with precision. By embedding address validation into your Enterprise Software Stack (ESS), you protect the customer experience. Remember, validating addresses as close to the customer as possible is the key.

Whether it’s in the shopping cart on your e-commerce website, during EDI import for order fulfillment, or as your call center personnel enter them, a multi-carrier shipping system ensures accuracy without compromising efficiency. [Listen in to learn more about how address quality shines the light on dirty address data]

With documentation and compliance, multi-carrier shipping software is a heavy hitter. The automation of the label and documentation generation process (more on that coming up!) with MCSS ensures that carrier specifications are followed with precision. This not only expedites the order confirmation process, but also guarantees that shipments meet carrier standards, aligning seamlessly with customer expectations for accuracy. Multi-carrier shipping software mitigates compliance risks associated with manual processes and takes that extra step to improve the overall customer experience.

Label Generation and Carrier Selection

Once a purchase is confirmed, the anticipation for the arrival of the package begins. However, the behind-the-scenes complexities of label generation and carrier selection can either support or undermine the excitement. This section will look closer at the challenges shippers face in this phase of the post-purchase journey and explore how multi-carrier shipping software guides the shipper through these challenges seamlessly.

Delays in Label Generation Impact Customer Expectations

The challenge of delays in label generation is a roadblock that can upset the balance of the entire post-purchase experience. Customers, in the age of instant gratification, expect a quick response to their order. Any delays in this phase can lead to dissatisfaction and wear down the trust built during the purchasing journey.

Limited Visibility and Control Over Carrier Selection

Customers today desire transparency and control over their shipments. The challenge emerges when limited visibility and control over carrier selection leave customers in the dark – modern consumers want to know which carrier will handle their package, what the delivery timeline looks like, and have the ability to make informed choices. The lack of this visibility can lead to frustration and a diminished overall experience.

Inefficient Carrier Selection Impacts Delivery Speed

It’s clear that today’s shoppers have high expectations for delivery speed. When inefficient carrier selection processes delay the ability for the shipper to choose the most optimal carrier for each shipment, this causes a ripple effect to not only impact customer satisfaction but lead to potential cart abandonment and a negative impact on the brand’s reputation.

How Multi-Carrier Shipping Software Solves Label Generation and Carrier Selection Challenges

Multi-carrier shipping software address the challenges of delays in label generation with prompt, automated processes through algorithmic and prescriptive business rules [Explore these two types and how they can be implemented]. Transactional speed is (again!) a crucial differentiator, with leading parcel shipping solutions minimizing the transaction time of your business rules using innovative and advanced strategies, including running as many of these rules upstream as possible.

Finally, the integration with OMS enables the shipping platform to quickly generate accurate labels, ensuring that every order moves seamlessly from processing to the next phase of the journey.

In tackling the challenge of limited visibility and control, multi-carrier shipping software enhances the customer experience by providing transparency into the carrier selection process. Shippers can offer customers visibility into carrier options at checkout, empowering customers to make informed choices. This transparency extends to details like which carrier will handle their package, the expected delivery timeline, and other relevant information.

Furthermore, multi-carrier shipping software revolutionizes the carrier selection process, optimizing it for expedited deliveries, when the customer wants them with both Rate Shopping and especially, Advanced Date Shopping functionalities. Hot Tip: Advanced Date Shopping is a unique functionality to ProShip!

Rate Shopping Optimization: MCSS solutions with a broad carrier library leverage more options to rate shop multiple carriers based on predefined business rules and rate shop groups. This kind of flexibility ensures that each shipment is dynamically assigned to the most efficient and timely carrier. By automating this decision-making process with incredible speed, shippers can meet the expectations of customers today and adapt to changing circumstances to meet the needs of the customers of tomorrow.

Advanced Date Shopping Precision: Advanced Date Shopping goes beyond basic shipping date estimation. It utilizes sophisticated algorithms that consider multiple data sets to meet the specified delivery date. This functionality ensures accurate planning for delivery, addressing carrier selection challenges by offering precise delivery date options. Shippers can align their operational shipping processes with customer demands, providing enhanced customer experiences and meeting or exceeding delivery expectations consistently.

Crafting Post-Purchase Excellence

The post-purchase experience is clearly a critical stage where customer satisfaction either bends positive or negative. As the post-purchase journey begins, manual challenges like slow processing, order modifications, and potential compliance setbacks are seamlessly addressed by multi-carrier shipping software.

Further enabled by a strong integration with OMS, parcel shipping software ensures accelerated processing timelines and accurate order confirmations. In the next phase when labels are generated and carrier selection begins, delays and limited visibility can disrupt customer expectations. Multi-carrier shipping software steps up to the plate, addressing delays, enhancing transparency, and optimizing carrier selection through advanced functionalities like Rate Shopping and Advanced Date Shopping.

ProShip: Your Partner in the Post-Purchase Experience

For ProShip, multi-carrier shipping software is not just a product – it is a comprehensive parcel solution that enhances every facet of the post-purchase journey. ProShip’s multi-carrier shipping software is the helping hand that ensures your brand leaves a lasting, positive impression and promote customer loyalty. Choosing ProShip is a strategic partnership committed to delivering excellence from order confirmation to the final act of delivery.

Ready to embark on a journey of shipping success and customer delight with ProShip? Contact our shipping experts to schedule a demo of ProShip’s industry-leading multi-carrier shipping software and ensure “Olive your packages” leave your customers smiling! 😊