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[Expert Interview] Managing Volatility in the Parcel Shipping Industry

Listen in as ProShip’s Co-Founder tackles some of the keys for peak season in an unstable shipping landscape.

[Director’s Cut] Multi-Mode Shipping: Responding to Evolving Freight & Parcel Markets

Check out the on-demand webinar freight and parcel shipping webinar featuring ProShip, WorldLink and Banyan Technology.

Experts on Demand: Parcel Rate Shopping at Parcel Forum 2022

Watch the recording from the joint presentation from ProShip and Körber Supply Chain at Parcel Forum 2022 in Chicago.

Parcel Shipping Spotlight: ProShip on the Big Screen

See ProShip’s brand new video highlighting how supply chain technology is changing the parcel landscape.

[IndustrialSage] Executive Series Video Interview with Justin Cramer

Follow along as Justin Cramer shares insight into his background as well as the current logistics industry landscape.

[Video] Parcel Shipping via ProShip: What is Rate Shopping?

Are you meeting customer delivery expectations? Simplify your parcel shipping process with Automated Rate Shopping.